The Stories of Blossom Spring

Mother will understand what the mother’s need.

A month-long period of confinement is a precious month for the new mother for a good rest and well-balanced diet to keep up energy levels for speedy recovery. Certain practices are common, but you may in doubt about the truth behind the myths. You may need the healthcare professional to guide and assist you in the right way, and we are the ONE who are qualified and competent.

Same as you, the management team is managed by the mothers, who work in healthcare line.

Peace of mind

Blossom Spring Confinement is an established professional postnatal care centre managed and operated by a team of qualified healthcare professionals. We are committed to give you quality care and premium grade amenities. Our nurses are registered with Lembaga Jururawat Malaysia (LJM), to ensure that they are qualified and competent. In addition, we will offer you support with breastfeeding. Be assured new mothers will be more likely to get off to a good start, and breastfeed your baby for longer period with good bonding. You will enjoy nutritious and well-balanced diet special crafted by Dietician to keep up your energy levels for speedy recovery too.


Satisfied Mommies


Hueay Ting

I am very thankful to stay at your centre where you provide awesome service. Staff are very helping and caring. Matron helps me successfully breastfeeding. Knowledgeable and attentive to the needs of the mummies and babies.


Overall enjoy my stay here, as my baby is taken care by the nurses instead of nanny, I can relax my mind, worth the money.

Jojo Lim

Spent my 30 days with NO worries, Nurses take care of both mummies and babies instead of nannies. Cozy environment, friendly staff, professional services, and provides with delicious food.

Yi Cian

I choose Blossom Spring because i want to breastfeed my baby. Guidance & support by Matron gave me confidence to continue my breastfeeding journey.